The Empty Throne (The Saxon Stories, #8)

This eighth entry in New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell s epic Saxon Tales series brings to life the harrowing and turbulent tale of a nation torn apart by sectarian and religious strife, a political struggle dominated by dynastic rivalries, and the remarkable strength that elevates

Athelstan: The Making of England

The formation of England occurred against the odds an island divided into rival kingdoms, under savage assault from Viking hordes But, after King Alfred ensured the survival of Wessex and his son Edward expanded it, his grandson Athelstan inherited the rule of both Mercia and Wessex, conquered Nor

The Breaking Dawn (Kingdom of Mercia #1)

He is a Welsh battle lord, and she is a Saxon village girl They come from different worlds but together they will make history When Merwenna of Weyham s betrothed does not return from war, she goes in search of him only to discover the bitter truth he is dead Instead she meets Cynddylan, a Wels