My Fourth of July

About the Author: Jerry Spinelli

When Jerry Spinelli was a kid, he wanted to grow up to be either a cowboy or a baseball player Lucky for us he became a writer instead.He grew up in rural Pennsylvania and went to college at Gettysburg College and Johns Hopkins University He has published than 25 books and has six children and 16 grandchildren.Jerry Spinelli began writing when he was 16 not much older than the hero of his

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  • My Fourth of July
  • Jerry Spinelli
  • 10 October 2017
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My Fourth of July Picnics Singing Fireworks It S Time To Celebrate The Best Day Of All The Fourth Of July Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli And Award Winning Illustrator Larry Day Join Forces To Celebrate America S Birthday, The Fourth Of July.A Responsible Little Boy Who S Eager To Do His Part Wakes Up Joyful And Ready To Celebrate His Favorite Day Of All But There S A Lot Of Work To Do Pies To Be Baked, Deviled Eggs To Be Filled And The Boy Has Lots Of Jobs To Complete Before He Can Enjoy The Fun The World S Best Picnic Face Painting A Band Concert And Then, After What Seems Like The Longest Wait Ever He Can Kick Back And Enjoy The Fireworks With The Rest Of The Country.This Delicious And Spirited Book Celebrates Small Town America And Is Full Of Nostalgia For Times Gone By, Yet Absolutely Of The Moment.

10 thoughts on “My Fourth of July

  1. Hannah Greendale says:

    My Fourth of July is too frantic to be enjoyable So many exclamation points So much rushing around So much shouting So many commands to Hurry Hurry Spinelli s book follows a young boy celebrating the Fourth of July, from his excitable morning of parades and flags and cymbals all the way to the thump in the dark of fireworks illuminating the night sky It s a full picture of how one loving family celebrates this particular holiday, but the onslaught of activities is wearisome and hyperactive, with the young boy jumping from one activity to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next until he s watching fireworks and screaming with joy By the end, the young boy is exhausted, and the illustrations of him falling asleep in his wagon on the ride home feel like a rendition of how fatigued one feels after reading this book Wait I shout Don t forget the pie I m in charge of not forgetting Finally out the door Mama hands me a banana I m so excited I forgot to eat breakfast Down the path by the creek to the park Hurry Hurry I grab the pickle jar and run ahead I plunk it on an empty table It s ours I can t wait I beg for the surprise.Mama sighs Oh, okay go ahead Note Quote taken from an Advanced Copy.

  2. Alex (not a dude) Baugh says:

    The first time I read this book, I thought it was just too perfect to be relatable Yet, there was something I liked about it So I read it a few times and then tried it out on my young readers They loved it even though they had never experienced a Fourth of July celebration like the one depicted in this story When we talked about it, we all agreed there were aspects of it that we had all experienced just not all on the same day For example, there are always parades in NYC, whether they are small neighborhood parades or even street parties that go one for blocks, and of course, there s big parades on Fifth Avenue like the ones on Thanksgiving, the Puerto Rican Day, St Patrick s Day, and a bunch of others We had all been on picnics with our family, friends and neighbors in parks about the city And there s always fireworks all summer long for different reasons I don t know how July 4th is celebrated in small communities similar to the one in this book, and although none my young readers had, they still liked this book they liked the feeling of belonging within their family and being with friends and neighbors Believe me, I heard lots of great stories while we discussed this book It may me wonder if in presenting such an idyllic, busy day, Spinelli is saying that no matter where they live or when they really experience the kind of events his narrator does, these shared times are what count and are an important part of childhood.Or maybe I just read too much into this book.

  3. Tina says:

    If only there was something like this for the 4th of July in every community Maybe it should serve as an inspiration for those of us lackingVery idyllic picture through a child s eyes of the perfect 4th of July parade picnic fireworks community oriented day.

  4. Molly Cluff (Library!) says:

    I always feel like there is a shortage of great fourth of july picturebooks I wouldn t use this one for storytime, but it was a nostalgic read, following the traditions of one family on July 4th I like how the little boy says things like I m in charge of hurrying and I m in charge of getting a spot, like he s got this routine down.

  5. Teresa Bateman says:

    It s the Fourth of July and a young boy enjoys it with his family Told from the boy s point of view, this is a joyous look at a small town celebration A kid parade, carnival food and activities, a picnic in the park, a talent show, the singing of the National Anthem, a flag fluttering train it s all part of parcel of a whole hearted holiday Naturally it ends with fireworks, and a sleepy boy being hauled home Bright and exuberant illustrations by Larry Day accompany jerry Spinelli s joyous text This is a fun book that calls to the heart.

  6. Karol says:

    The joy of the 4th of July festivities with family, friends and neighbors is a treat This book is close to my heart because it reminds me of our times past neighborhood block parties The food, the spirit and the fireworks A grand celebration.

  7. Linda says:

    Be sure to find this some time to see if Jerry Spinelli has included one of your favorite traditions on Independence Day There are many This young boy has things to do from morning till evening, then the long wait, wait, for the fireworks They celebrate with all kinds of people at their park, taking a wagon full of food, running the races, dancing to the band at the bandstand, and sing The Star Spangled Banner, all to celebrate Larry Day shows this day filled with color and excitement, a nostalgic look at a holiday on which I hope everyone has a favorite memory, of activities, of food, of play

  8. Molly says:

    This tells the story of a young boy enjoying the 4th of July holiday with a picnic, games, fireworks and I really like the illustrations, especially of the fireworks, but the story isn t that engaging.

  9. Jill says:

    I loved this book The colorful pictures and the description of the 4th of July celebration is spot on Now I m looking forward to July 4th

  10. Crystal says:

    It was meh for me So much.