Birds of a Feather

About the Author: Susan L. Roth

Susan L Roth creates unique mixed media collage illustrations that have appeared in numerous award winning children s books, many of which she also wrote Her book, Listen to the Wind, spent a year on the New York Times best seller list The Mangrove Tree, which was released in 2011 and addressed Dr Gordon Sato s mangrove tree planting project, was the winner of Jane Addams Children s Book

❀ Birds of a Feather  kindle Epub ❄ Author Susan L. Roth –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Birds of a Feather
  • Susan L. Roth
  • 12 May 2018
  • 9780823442829

Birds of a Feather One Makes Colorful Paper Collages The Other, Intricate Environments Out Of Found Objects And Yet Susan L Roth And The Remarkable Bowerbird Are Truly Birds Of A Feather Sibert Medalist Susan L Roth Is Like A Bowerbird, A Small Black Bird Found In Australia And New Guinea That Builds Elaborate Structures From Various Materials They Find Near Their HabitatsThough Susan Creates Books To Attract Readers And Bowerbirds Build Bowers To Attract A Mate, Both Get Their Ideas From The World Around Them And The Materials They Find Both Love Colors No Two Of Their Respective Creations Are Alike And Most Importantly, Both Susan And The Bowerbirds Aspire For Their Finished Works To Be Greater Than The Sum Of Their PartsComplete With Engaging Backmatter And Dazzling Artwork Crammed Full Of So Much To Look At, This Visually Delightful Picture Book From Award Winning Author And Artist Susan L Roth Is A Fascinating Comparison Of Art We Create And Art We Find In Nature

10 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. Rebecca says:

    Artist Susan L Roth Parrots Over Puerto Rico discusses her collage technique in comparison to that of a bowerbird This is a really good introduction to the artistic process We, the bowerbirds and I, know that our goals often require many tries, many experiments, and lots of adjustments, but we always try to make the best collages that we can I appreciated learning that she starts with blank paper the exact size of the book she s making I don t know how often you see illustrations at their actual size Backmatter includes facts and a bibliography about bowerbirds I never realized the birds bowers are not their nests, but a place they build to attract females This book has bright blue endpapers this is not a random choice Where do we get our ideas We get themfrom the spaces we choose for our compositions, from our chosen materials, and from the world around us.

  2. DaNae says:

    I will be sliding this to our art teacher.

  3. Maria Caplin says:

    Beautiful art work

  4. Christina Busche says:

    The chaotic style of art while intricate and talented was overwhelming in the colors textures amount etc This factor alone turned me off to the book, although I appreciated learning about bowerbirds.

  5. Tasha says:

    Collage artist Roth takes a look at the amazing bowerbird and how her work and their building process compare with one another Both she and the bowerbird are collectors of random items They use those items to create compositions For the bowerbird, that is a bower for their courtship process They both like unusual objects that they use to create art, things that no one else might ever combine in that way They both pay attention to color and both seek out praise for their work in the end.I was really pleasantly surprised by the content and construct of this picture book While I knew it would be about bowerbirds and humans, I didn t expect it to be so directly related to the artistic side of both Roth beautifully shows the fascinating correlations between her work and that of the bird She demonstrates both in her collage illustrations and in the text of the book how similar they actually are The text though is kept wonderfully simple, making this book about art very accessible even for young children She completes the book with facts about the birds and about her own work as well as a bibliography of sources.Roth s illustrations are fabulous Bright and filled with objects of all kinds, they fill the page with vibrancy Most of the pages show the bird and then Roth, each working in a similar way on their art The result is a book about Roth s way of making art that is also an example of the art itself Clever stuff A very successful mix of nature, science and art Appropriate for ages 3 5.

  6. Margie says:

    The views of the rolling hills this autumn having been breathtaking The brilliant reds, yellows and oranges are becoming muted now, leaning toward shades enriched with brown It s easy to imagine a master placing each tree in a special place on each hill to supply us with this every changing work of art Although we have the spectacular contrasts of white and black with the coming of winter, in the spring unimaginable shades of green will supply us with a similar motif as buds burst forth and turn into leaves And summer is a blast of panoramic color, a blend of trees, flowers, grasses, birds, butterflies, bees and other assorted flora and fauna.These scenes offered to us are both lessons in artistic design and the use of materials Two nonfiction publications this year focus on the technique of collage and both rely on what is offered in the natural world The first release, Birds Of A Feather Bowerbirds And Me Neal Porter Books, Holiday House, May 14, 2019 written and illustrated by Susan L Roth compares two artists, one avian and one human who fashion masterpieces from found objects.My full recommendation

  7. Linda says:

    I shared Playing With Collage by Jeannie Baker a few weeks ago It will make a wonderful pairing with this beautiful book by Susan Roth Remember Parrots Over Puerto Rico and other great books by Roth This time, she s in the book itself, comparing her own life as a collage artist with the intriguing bower bird, artists, too In a flurry of unusual, often unrelated stuff , Susan explains how she and the bower bird are so alike She s in the book showing herself choosing and then the bower bird choosing just what feels right to him Each composition created is different The tools are similar beak or tweezers In the brief text, each action by either human or bird is explored Susan adds back matter that serves as a thorough explanation of Facts About Bowerbirds , How They Work , How I Work , and How We Are The Same Here is a marvelous double page spread showing both claw and hand choosing something they believe is just right It s a book about one of nature s interesting birds, a book about how collage can work if you re Susan, and it s a book that s a visual feast

  8. Lynn says:

    5 enormous stars for this unique exploration of the artistic process that is shared by the enchanting bowerbirds of Australia and the collage artist, Susan Roth While the creative processes of both are the focus, readers also learn the fascinating facts about this bird artist who creates a bower to attract a mate.Roth s wonderful collage illustrations depict the bird on one side and the artist herself on the other as they create their designs Back matter provides facts about the bower birds, explanations of the vocabulary and about the creative processes of both the birds and the artist and a bibliography.I absolutely adored this book

  9. Teresa Bateman says:

    Susan L Roth works in collage to create her amazing illustrations In this book she compares herself to a bowerbird They both collect interesting and diverse materials and use them to create artwork In the naturally collage illustrations you see the artist at work, and also learn a fair amount about bowerbirds The illustrations even illustrate the author illustrating this book The book is fascinating on its own but it has a multitude of curriculum applications Art teachers will love it It would be useful for compare and contrast units It s a handy bird book Oh my, where to shelf it

  10. Laura Giessler says:

    I appreciated this mostly as a memoir or partial biography of the artist author It is fascinating to hear about her artistic process, and I knew exactly nothing about bowerbirds, so I was also interested to learn about them I m not sure if young readers would grasp or appreciate her explanation of the processes The endnotes are fascinating, especially the facts about bowerbirds their coloring and their tendency to create their bowers out of bright blue materials that match their eyes that later turn purple I think certain narrower audiences would LOVE this book bird lovers, artists, especially collage artists, and friends and family of Susan Roth as a beautiful memoir writing.