Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang Book 2)

About the Author: Aline Templeton

Aline Templeton grew up in the East Neuk of Fife and was educated at St Leonards School, St Andrews and Cambridge University She has worked in education and broadcasting and has written numerous stories and articles for national newspapers and magazines Templeton was a bench Justice of the Peace for ten years and is a former Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, now living in Edinburgh S

[Epub] ➝ Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang Book 2)  ➞ Aline Templeton –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 329 pages
  • Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang Book 2)
  • Aline Templeton
  • 22 December 2018

Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang Book 2) Gabrielle, Daughter Of A Brilliant And Charismatic Local Businessman, Thinks She S Losing Her Mind Recovering From A Nervous Breakdown Triggered By Her Father S Death And The Loss Of Her Unborn Child, Her Sanity Is Pushed To The Brink When She Starts Suffering Memory Lapses Knowing That The Other Major Shareholder Of Her Father S Business Is Looking For Any Excuse To Squeeze Her Out, Gabrielle Can T Trust Anyone.When A Man S Body Is Found In Dilapidated Cottage, DCI Kelso Strang Is Drafted In From Edinburgh To Take Charge Of The Investigation Still Grieving The Loss Of His Wife, Battlescarred Strang Finds Himself Burdened With An Over Eager Detective Constable And A Lazy, Obtuse Detective Sergeant With Inadequate Resources At His Fingertips, And His Boss Breathing Down His Neck To Wrap Up The Case Quickly And Without Embarrassment To The Force, Strang Must Pick His Way Through The Minefield Of The Local Relationships And Resentments Of The Sleepy Village Community But Will He Be Able To Put This Case To Rest Before Lives Are Destroyed

10 thoughts on “Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang Book 2)

  1. Richard Thompson says:

    The second of Aline Templeton s Kelso Strang novels.The location is a tiny village in Caithness in the extremer northeastern corner of the Scottish mainland.The body of a man, badly picked over by ravens, is found in a long abandoned croft house He was murdered and his body was moved to the cottage The victim had been an employee of Pat Curran who had been head of an ambitious scheme to drain and reclaim the bog lands surrounding the village when his company went broke he left to start an new business in Aberdeen servicing off shore oil rigs Pat has died and his older daughter, Gabrielle has taken over the company, but she and her husband have moved back to the village after a series of misfortunes have caused Gabrielle to have a breakdown Her mother and and younger sister and her step father still live...

  2. Jill Stirling says:

    Such an enjoyable series I love the Marjory Flemimg series Now this new one is just as satisfying Set this time in Caithness, alternatively interesting and rather ghastly with a village set against the main characters Kelso Strang as fly in fly out DCI to solve crimes in the remote pa...

  3. Carole Anne says:

    Seriously good Author is Aline Templeton I ve been reading her books for many years This one is hell creepy, such a sense of Deja Vu Has Aline re published this under a different title I could swear I have read this book I knew this book, even the end was clear to me Maybe I wrote it in my sleep Can...

  4. Carol Jean says:

    Excellent I have missed DI Fleming, so I m very happy to meet Templeton s new sleuth and his impulsive apprentice Very nicely plotted with a twist at the end that I certainly didn t see coming