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Low Kay Hwa, born in 1985, is the youngest bestselling author in Singapore, having been on many Singapore bestsellers lists major bookstores and national newspapers together with international authors like Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks In his country, he is the only local writer to have entered the list for years.In 2012, he has over 117,000 Likes in his Facebook Page and over 10,000 doubl

[PDF / Epub] ☄ Journey  Author Low Kay Hwa –
  • ebook
  • 95 pages
  • Journey
  • Low Kay Hwa
  • English
  • 02 April 2019

Journey When I Was Ten, My Mother Called Me Ah Girl And I Always Responded To Her When I Was Fifteen, My Mother Called Me Ah Girl In Front Of My Classmates And I Scolded Her When I Was Twenty, My Mother Still Called Me Ah Girl Aloud And I Ignored Her Completely I Know That, From Her Point Of View, No Matter How Old I Am, I Will Always Be The Ah Girl Who Calls Her Mama.From My Point Of View, My Mother Is Just An Old Woman In The House Who Lives With Me Her Responsibilities Are To Make Breakfast For Me In The Morning, Give Me Money To Spend In The Day, Do The Laundry In The Evening And Switch Off The Lights At Night For All Those Things That She Does, She Will Have The Authority To Scold Me Or Ground Me.Until One Day, She Calls Me And Says, Ah Girl, I Ve Got Cancer I May Die Within The Next Six Months That Is When I Realize That My Mother Is Than That.

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  1. ChrisGA says:

    This is my second book by this author, after FOR THAT DAY Once again the story is a poignant exploration of the main character s emotional response to one of life s unexpected tragedies, this time the illness and impending death of a 24 year old woman s mother Parents are often taken for granted by young adults until like in this case, catastrophic factors change established patterns of relationship The author opens the book by contrasting the seeming normalcy a typical Sunday morning to the whirlwind of emotions she feels as she struggles to see her mother, not as the one who has always provided for her, but the one who now will need to be cared for It amazes me that such a young man as the author is able to write so realistically the thoughts and emotions of female characters Elle is not likeable She has blindly accepted her mother s unconditional love and sacrifices throughout her life as her due and coldly refused to obey or respect her As Elle deals with her mother s cancer, she relives her childhood and the mothering she received She remembers her mother s bits of wisdom and her own lack of appreciation and resentment Their relationship had been rocky and unhappy beforehand now it will move into unchartered waters For once in her life, Elle begins to see the needs of someone else rather than her own wants Two bits of her mother s wisdom seem to su...