The Stallion & the Dragon (Spaniards # 2)

About the Author: Gabbo De La Parra

Born a Sagittarius in the fabulous year of the Rooster of 69, at the hour when his cat was about to become a complete dragon, Gabbo de la Parra landed on the Caribbean Coast of the outlandish Republic of Panama to start the adventure of life Love and the Internet brought him to Middle Tennessee to embrace the American Dream and his husbandly romance Writing has been an important part of his lif

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  • The Stallion & the Dragon (Spaniards # 2)
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  • 09 August 2017

The Stallion & the Dragon (Spaniards # 2) Armando, The Stallion, Aims To Destroy The Captain General Of Guatemala The Man Is A Tyrant, And Above Everything Else, Took Away The Precious Childhood Of Alejandro, The Owner Of Armando S Heart That Crime Will Not Go Unpunished With The Help Of Mauricio, The Captain Of The Galleon That Brought Him To The Indies, Armando Will Set A Trap To Annihilate The Dragon Little Do They Know That The Dragon Will Not Only Fall In Their Trap, But Will Also Fall In Love With ArmandoOut Of Love The Dragon Will Want To Mend His WaysWill Love Be Enough To Forgive A Lifetime Of Ruthless Tyranny Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Homoerotic Sex M M M M M

8 thoughts on “The Stallion & the Dragon (Spaniards # 2)

  1. Nan Hawthorne says:

    With the opening scene the erotic emphasis of this story is set The three lovers, the Stallion, the Wolf and the Bull, that is Armando, Alejandro and Mauricio, share a bed and each other The scenes like this are frequent, but they are tinged with a real love between the men, a love that has brought them back from Spain to avenge the sexual exploitation the ruthless Captain General of the Kingdom of Guatemala imposed on his son, Alejandro Leaving little to the imagination in these scenes of m nage, the reader is drawn as well to the nurturing the two older men lavish on Alejandro, making the sex scenes something different than the usual.The trio s plan to destroy the cruel Captain General, whom they call the Dragon, is in itself unique They do not plan an assassination They plan to make the Dragon fall in love with the Stallion, Armando, who impersonates a beautiful and angelic young widower for whom sex with another man is a terrible sin The transformation the Captain General goes through, from wanting to rape Armando right there in the audience chamber, is a little abrupt His first reaction to Armando s reluctance to be seduced is to forcefully probe his anus, which oddly does not cause the feigned virgin to reject him utterly Instead he communicates that if he is to burn in Hell for sodomy he must be sure the man who seduces him really loves him The Dragon comes to the conclusion that he simply must give his all to Armando to prove his love The transition to this point is not that easy to trace in the story However, once he has come to this conclusion, he is lost, will submit to Armando as he has never before to penetration by a man He is indeed a changed man, beginning to find kindness and love in his heart after a lifetime of ruthless ambition It s a matter of suspension of disbelief, as the transformation is not easy for a reader to accept.The particularity of this story is the inventive plan of the avenging trio to humble the Captain General by breaking his heart That kept this reader involved in the story Unfortunately the scheme is never pursued to the end The intervention of the ghost of a murdered lover of the Dragon cuts in and ends the story after a couple of unexpected and out of the blue revelations With the Captain General seemingly short of true repentance and no clear candidate for who brought about his end, one is left with at best the new strength and maturity of Alejandro and a renewed commitment from the three lovers.This abrupt and unsatisfying ending ruined the story for this reviewer Had the two conflicts of revenge for past deeds and the complication of the reformation of the evildoer been resolved this could have been a retribution tale of Shakespearean scope Instead it felt like the author got tired of pursuing the revenge plot and just got it over with The opening scene of three men making love repeats at the end with the three making some rather vapid plans to sail the Mediterranean together Too bad the author abandoned the real brilliance of the parable This review was originally published at Our Story GLBTQ Historical Fiction which you can find on the GLBT Bookshelf where you can find info on dozens and dozens of GLBT books in all genres.

  2. Catalina Santiago says:

    Shame the first book doesn t seem to be available any This was a good story.