About the Author: Ray Garton

Ray Garton is the author of several books, including horror novels such as LIVE GIRLS which has a movie in the works , CRUCIFAX, E4 AUTUMN, and THE FOLKS thrillers like TRADE SECRETS and SHACKLED and numerous short stories and novellas He s also written a number of movie and television tie ins for young readers He lives with his wife, Dawn, in California.

Read ✓ Threesome  By Ray Garton –
  • Paperback
  • 122 pages
  • Threesome
  • Ray Garton
  • English
  • 09 October 2017

Threesome Book Eight Of The Black Ink Chapbook SeriesFrom Horror Master Ray Garton, Author Of SCISSORS, THE FOLKS, And BESTIAL Comes An Unsettling Tale Of Sexual PerversitiesRob And Jolie Moxley Live A Seemingly Normal Life With Their Two Handsome Children, They Occupy A Beautiful Home In Suburbia Like Any Loving Couple, They Still Enjoy An Active Sex Life, But Their Tastes Run Beyond The Normal And Into The Kinky With A Night To Themselves, They Decide To Find A Playmate To Join ThemAndrea Is A Lonely Young Woman With A Tortured Past And An Unhealthy Addiction To Sex Her Nights Are Occupied With Sticky, Loveless Encounters With Total Strangers With An Itch That Can Only Be Scratched Through Sex, She Is Out Prowling For A MateWhen The Moxleys Meet Andrea At The Local Swingers Club, They Agree To Return To The Family Home For An Evening Of Adult Sexual Play When The Door Is Locked And The Shades Are Drawn, There Will Be Screams Of Pleasure And Pain

10 thoughts on “Threesome

  1. Evans Light says:

    This short chapbook was an easy hour long read The prose was quite workmanlike and efficient, just like the story itself direct and to the very bloody point, full of graphic sex and gore, but not much in the way of plot or surprise Fans of splatter porn should get exactly what they expect here, others need not apply Very readable and well told, but otherwise not...